Our Studio

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Who we are and what we stand for

Art Bar 92253 was created to pump some fun back into the lives of adults while making the world a better place. It seems we are too often caught up in the daily grind to realize we are taking life too seriously. 

Art Bar 92253 provides a spacious studio environment to conquer the project at hand. We live by the motto, "Kick Back and Create!" We want your home to be filled with art that brings you joy and floods your mind with fond memories and smiles every time you look at it. 

We are always adding new creative projects so you might as well bookmark our website on your favorites. While some of our classes are paintings, we offer other projects as well.  So why not log in some studio time, enjoy a tasty beverage, admire the beautiful sunset views and create a work of art!

 "Kick Back and Create!" at the Art Bar 92253