Welcome + Weekend Thoughts

A few thoughts from the weekend.

First of all I would like to say how excited I am about the Art Bar 92253! I welcome you and hope you enjoy the journey and watching it all come together. To those that have helped, you all know who you are, and we are grateful.  I believe there are going to be many great memories and good times created with friends and family in the Art Bar 92253. Old and new. 

By looking at my hands and legs you would think I was battered and beaten. The reality is we were in the garage all weekend operating some power tools to create some pretty awesome things in the Art Bar 92253. I have included a few photos below. We are on a time crunch as our for our first class is on September 9th. We are still accepting reservations. If you would like to see the upcoming projects or register, visit our website, www.artbar92253.com

OUR COMMUNITY - We have so many people right here in the La Quinta Cove with nothing to do. It is hot and our options are limited. Art Bar 92253 is born; to contribute a fun positive place. One you escape to, not from.  

One of my weekend thoughts is, creating a way to recognize people who are positive and make a difference. I want to hear the positive stories and share them. If you know someone that you feel is an inspiration, a rock star, a motivator; someone who always helps others, is maybe under appreciated, and a great role model or leader, nominate them!  You better believe we will sit down with glass of wine each week and read them. We will choose a lucky Weekly Workshop Winner to receive a FREE admission; (Nomination form is located on our website and these stories will most likely be shared!)

OUR PROGRESS - So tomorrow's objective is getting the final coatings on the main table and get it transported. I am not too sure about the wood filler that we put in the cracks, but we did it. Re-stained it and there is no turning back. Did I mention we are not professional carpenters? You might be able to tell from the cord wrapped in belt sander. (HA!) We had the safety lesson and the whole bit and still managed to do exactly what you are not suppose to do. It happened so fast! The picture on the far left is the paint station in its constructed form. Feels good to get it all done!